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Atelier – Beautiful Execution of a Tasting Menu

Atelier is a tasting menu format restaurant located in what looks to be a former residence in Ottawa:

Almost every single dish was well executed and delicious. The chef/owner did a stage at Alinea in Chicago and it shows in the creativity of the dishes and plating, without relying overly on gimmicks.

I believe Atelier could certainly get a Michelin star or 2 if the system were in Canada. The only flaw with the evening was placement of our dinner table. It was right above an air vent which was blowing cold air up my leg all evening. I believe that at this level of cooking, these details need to be thought through. Because of COVID, it was hard to move the table to fix this problem.

Here were the dishes for the evening.

Nori and Avocado
Garlic Scape Soup
King Salmon
Wild Boar and Anise
Garden Tomatoes
Soft Shell Crab
This carrot dish was one of my favorite. Good use of different temperatures and textures.
Smoked Lamb
Crabapple & Spice
Mississippi Mud

Overall, the service was very good although the start was a bit slow. The sommelier was very knowledgeable. The technical skill of the kitchen and the creativity and presentation were excellent. Asian themes and ingredients were well incorporated. There was also a wide breadth of ingredients used. I would return.

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