What is Canadian Cuisine?Aux Anciens Canadiens

What is Canadian Cuisine? I have thought about this question many times. All countries in the world have a cuisine which defines them. Its hard to define Canadian Cuisine. While there are amazing ingredients in all provinces, from B.C. Uni to Alberta beef to Nova Scotia Lobster, there is no national or even regional cuisine. Even the USA has regional cuisines that easily come to mind like Texas BBQ or Creole in Louisiana. The exception to this, is Quebec. I would argue that Quebec is the only region of Canada with a distinct cuisine and a multitude of dishes. Note that because of the wonders of immigration, there is amazing cuisine from OTHER places in Canada. For example, the Chinese food in Vancouver is really good.

For lunch in Quebec City, I wanted an authentic local experience, and I believe Aux Anciens Canadiens provided it. The interior had a rustic feel and the menu had a mix of French and French Canadian classics.

I went for the lunch special which included a starter, main, dessert and wine.

To start, escargot. it was exactly how I like them. Garlic and parsley au gratin. The flavor was classic and the cheese added an element of lusciousness.

Next, for the main, I had a plate of Quebec classics called “Grandma’s Treat” including meat pie (Tourtiere) with “ketchup” (but its actually more like a sweet tomato sauce), meatballs, ragout, salted pork “grillades” (like a chicharon but very salty) and baked beans. I could not of been happier at the moment with the food, wine, atmosphere of the restaurant, and the fact that I was having all this in its birthplace – French Canada.

For dessert, I had to have anything Maple Syrup and I chose the maple syrup pie. It was heaven. Not too sweet and each bite had the amazing taste of carmel maple syrup goodness.

Canada has some amazing regional ingredients and Quebec has some amazing dishes specific to the region. I think that producers and the restaurant industry need to do more to educate the world on the great food products of Canada! I would definitely come back here when I am in Quebec City.

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