Kaneko Hannosuke – Delicious Tempura on Rice

Kaneko Hannosuke is a restaurant with locations all over Japan, where it originated in Tokyo, and the USA. I visited their first Canadian location on Robson in Vancouver for lunch.

The specialty is tempura, or tendon, which is tempura on rice.

I had the chicken tempura which comes with chicken, shrimp, mixed seafood, and vegetable tempura on a bed of rice, and the house special sauce.

At first I was wondering “where is the tempura sauce dip”? You won’t need it. The tempura comes coated in the special sauce which is delicious. Underneath, there is a perfectly poached egg which coats the rice and adds another dimension of richness and flavor. It is also recommended to sprinkle some togarashi on the tempura and rice. The rice is also coated in the sauce. The tempura it self is nicely battered, and the ingredients are delicious.

Overall, I will definitely return. This is the perfect lunch spot.

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