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Row 34 – Best Oysters we had in Boston

Row 34 had the best oysters we had while in Boston.  I would recommend this place if you are a fan of raw oysters.  Here is what was offered the day we went and what we ordered:


Our server was extremely knowledgeable about each oysters and guided us well.


We also started with a salad which tasted fine, but was overdressed, and a bowl of chowder.  I was impressed that they made the saltines from scratch.



For main, we had cold and warm lobster rolls.  Unlike Atlantic Fish,  this place cut up the lobster more which I preferred.  Having both hot and cold again, confirmed my earlier preference for hot.  Going forward, I would probably not get the roll cold anymore as the flavors of the lobster come through more when warm with butter.

Half Warm Half Cold

Overall, service was good and the food was good.  I would come back for more oysters.  7.5/10

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