Island Creek Oyster Bar – Good Oysters, Guess What the Rest Was…

Our server at Island Creek Oyster Bar was very knowledgeable about the different oyster they had available, and helped us select 4 different ones.  These were probably the second best we had after Row 34.



The rest of the meal was just like all the other in Boston, which is becoming a recurring theme, just ok.  Are we not eating at the right places in the city?  Let me know in the comments, where you would recommend.  We started with this tuna tartare:


…and for main I had the bouillabaisse.  It started off salty, but the more I ate it, the more I liked it.


For dessert, we had s’mores and Boston cream pie.  It was disappointing.  Generally, I was disappointed with anything you “are supposed to eat in Boston”.   I had a Boston cream donut earlier, and pie at the original place that invented it at the Omni Parker House, which was even worse.  I will review that in another post.



Overall, service was pretty good and the food was just ok.  I would come back for oysters maybe.  7/10

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