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Cheap Eats Boston – Underwhelming and Disappointing

Here is a review of the “cheap eats” we had in Boston.  For the most part, just like the fine dining places, most places were disappointing.  Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time in the city.  Its beautiful.  The architecture, the Charles River walk, the history, the universities, and everything else were excellent; except the food.  All the iconic food was disappoiting.

Tatte Bakery

We stopped at the Tatte Bakery in downtown as the place received good reviews.  We had an almond croissant.  It was disappointing.  Texture was off and it was bland.  It was not flaky at all and lacked flavor.



Regina Pizzeria

I saw a few places proclaim this not only the best pizza in Boston, but in the entire USA!  I tried two locations.  The one in Quincy market, and the actual restaurant in the North End.




Verdict:  I liked the pizza.  At Quincy I had pepperoni, and I had Margherita in the restaurant.  The crust is more crunchy than New York style pizza.  I still prefer NYC pizza, but overall, it was good.

Bova’s Bakery 

Bova’s barkey was another highly reviewed, but disappointing place.  Maybe we ordered the wrong thing.  We had a Boston Cream donut.  It was tasteless and way too dense/dry.  The filling did not have any creamy taste.



Polcari’s Coffee

We stumbled upon this place in the North End and had espresso.  Very specialized and artisan.



Cannoli – Eataly

Admittedly, we did not go to any of the “must go” places for cannoli like Mike’s, but we were all disappointed with this cannoli.  Bland and tasteless.  It had so much promise.  Filled to order, fresh ricotta, pistachio….unfortunately, it failed to deliver.



Omni Parker House 

This place invented the Boston cream pie!  I love Boston cream pies, but AGAIN, this place was tasteless and bland.  On top of everything, the service was VERY poor.  First of all, the place was very busy and we were directed to sit a a table where the people had just left.  The dishes had not been cleared.  No problem.  We were happy to get a seat.  However, no one came by for at least 15 minutes to clear the table, clean it and bring menus.  I had to ask 3 different people and finally, someone came by.  After that, the service improved.


The pie was a complete disappointment.  Cream filling was not creamy in taste.  The rest of the pie was bland.  Texture was ok.  Whipping cream on the side obviously came from a can.  I don’t get it.

Tasty Burger

Tasty Burger is a local chain.   The burger was tasty, cooked perfectly and juicy.  I would of preferred less onion, but would still return.  These burgers were delicious.



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