Menton – Another Surprisingly Average Meal in Boston…with one exception

Another day, another average meal in Boston.  For the most part, I found the food in the city unexciting and bland.  Menton was supposed to be a “Michelin worthy” restaurant in Boston, but was disappointing.  As a side note, while we were there, Boston magazine came out with their Top 50 list and Menton failed to place.  The concierge at our hotel said she was surprised and reassured us that it was still good.  So was it?  Lets see.

We started the meal with some amuse bouche.  In my experience, the first few small bites in a fine dining place are mind blowing, and then the meal becomes disappointing because you have such amazing flavors upfront that are expected throughout the meal.  This was not the case here, these were not mind blowing.


Burgundy Escargot.  An interesting preparation with braised chicken leg.  Just ok.


Wagyu tartare.  Lacked seasoning.


Spaghetti – King crab, corn, chive.  This dish was a winner.  So delicious.  Pasta was perfectly cooked.  This was the only outstanding dish of the night.


For my main, I had the special which was halibut.  I thought it was dry.


The dessert was not memorable either.


Overall, service was good but the food was just not that exciting or good…..except for the pasta.  That pasta was outstanding. 7/10 (6 or 6.5 without the pasta)

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