Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina – Absolutely Delicious

This is the Rome and Italy I love.  Since my trip to Emilia Romagna earlier this year, Italy has become my favorite place to eat in the world (Peru would be a close second).  Roscioli is a deli and restaurant in Rome, and it did not disappoint.


It’s easy to have a poor meal in Rome.  Just like Paris, there are a ton of places which cater to tourists.  Although I observed the majority of people at Roscioli were tourists like us, the food was outstanding.  Here is what we had.  Since they specialized in cured meats, we started with a smoked tuna which was wonderful:


…and since visiting Parma in May, and being introduced to culatello, every time I see it on a menu now, I have to have it.  Would be crazy not to.


…and as this was our first meal in Rome, I was craving classic Roman pastas.  First the cacio e pepe.  It was mind blowing.  One of the best things I’ve ever eaten.  The amazing thing is, the dish only has four ingredients.


…and then a carbonara which I thought I would like more, but was actually just ok:


At this point, we were all tired and full from a day of travelling that we ended the meal here.  The restaurant provided us some dessert, perhaps to apologize for the extremely loud trio beside us.  I do not know if people from North America realize how loud they are overseas for some reason.


Anyway, service was good and food was delicious.  I would absolutely return.  9/10

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