Atoboy Dotz Collaboration Dinner

We wanted to eat at Atomix, the Korean fine dining restaurant which was awarded a Michelin star in the 2019 guide, but could not get a reservation.  Therefore, we opted for our second choice, Atoboy, which is from the same chef (who used to cook at Jungsik which is also an excellent restaurant).

The night we ate there, January 27, 2019, the had a collaboration dinner with the chef from Dotz in Korea.


The meal started with an ikura and uni on egg custard bowl which was my second favorite thing of the evening.


At the same time, they brought out a chrysanthemum dish with tripe.  The tripe was absolutely delicious and I was glad to see it on the menu.  The dish overall, while good, was overpowered with whatever sauce/seasonings they had used.  Also, the dishes came out too fast.  I would have preferred more spacing in between dishes.


Next, a shrimp mandu which are basically Korean dumplings.


This was followed by the star of the night – Dotz Katsu Sando – small pork sandwiches.  They were absolutely delicious, and makes me want to go to Korea to eat them at Dotz.  We tried to order more, but unfortunately, this was not an option.


After this came Sichuan noodles.


….then red snapper.  The fish was cooked perfectly.


Then finished with the last savory course – Galbi.  Also delicious.


For dessert, a rose flavored ice dish with pearls.


Overall, it was a very good meal.  I would return to Atoboy to try their normal menu, when in Korea, will definitely be checking out Dotz for that sandwich.  8/10


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