YVR > MSP > LGA – Delta – First Class – Bulkhead Seat Versus Row 2 Review

On January 26, 2019, I flew from Vancouver to New York LaGuardia on Delta in First Class.

The first leg of the trip was from YVR to Minneapolis (MSP) on Delta 2555, an Airbus 319.  I sat in row 1, bulkhead, aisle seat (left side of plane).  Even though there is a cutout, I found that the position of the bulkhead restricts leg room, and this is not an optimal seat.  Basically, the cutout allows you to put your toes underneath the wall, which is not that great an option as you will see in the picture below.  The cutout is not big enough to fully extend your legs.



If you want to fully extend your legs, you have to stretch them beside the wall, which is not optimal as you will cause a tripping hazard (see picture below).


Therefore, I would suggest that if stretching your legs out completely is important to you, you should select row 2 or 3.  In fact, for the next leg of the trip, from MSP to LGA, I was in row two (right side of plane), on Delta 2243, on an Airbus 321, and much preferred this seat to the bulkhead because I could fully extend my legs as you will see in the image below.


By the way, I am 5’10”.  If you are shorter, the bulkhead may work for you for stretching legs out.  In the non-bulkhead row, there was also sufficient space for me to cross my legs comfortably.


Prior to these flights, I had tried to search online for information and photos about the bulkhead seats on these flights.  I found some information on the cutout, position of the wall etc etc, but nothing specific.  I hope these images and descriptions help you in deciding if the bulkhead is the right seat for you on these flights.



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