Gabriel Kreuther – Delicate flavors in a beautiful dining room and bar

I had dinner at Gabriel Kreuther on January 26, 2019.  The restaurant has two Michelin stars.  Upon walking in, the first thing I noticed was the nice bar and beautiful dining room.



We were seated in front of a large window with a front row seat to the kitchen.  It was an amazing seat and I was very happy with it (the people in the photo are on the other side of the glass; I believe that is the “chef’s” table).


You are given the choice of a four course prix fixe or 6/9 course tasting menu.  We had the prix fixe.


The meal started with some cocktails, bread and an amuse bouche.


My first course was the hamachi, foie gras, and black truffle mille feuille.  It was delicious with all the flavors working well together with the fish.  Nothing over powering the other.


This was followed by the dish I was most excited to try here – the sturgeon and saurkraut tart.  I was good, but I felt it could of used MORE CAVIAR!



For the main course, I had the lobster.  It was delicious also.


When walking in, I was excited about the cheese tray I saw and decided I would have it.  However, after the lobster,  and countless glasses of wine, I was too full and tired.  So, dessert – Textural Grape Pistachio which was just ok.


Overall, it was a fantastic dinner.  Service was good as expected, except the people at the front are not so friendly.  Not rude, but not friendly like most places of this caliber, where they usually give you a “good evening, welcome to……”  In this place, one guy said nothing and the hostess helping us seemed uninterested in her job.  9/10



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