Everyone is talking about Kadeau, is it Copenhagen’s Culinary Gift?

Kadeau is a 2 Michelin star restaurant located in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m not sure, but its looks like a play on the word Cadeau, which means “gift” in French. Is it a culinary gift? Many people I spoke to at other restaurants had this place on their list of “must eat” places. Lets find out. When I first entered the restaurant, the first thing I walked by was the open kitchen.

The meal started with some snacks – tomato with crab butter. The dish was too acidic.

Next, a beautiful assortment of seafood including cold scallop, clams, razor clams and squid which I liked the texture of.

Next, some ravioli which I also found to be too acidic.

This was followed by grape leaf Iberico.

…then shrimp…

At this point they presented the salmon and various parts of the next dish which they would construct tableside. In addition to being too acidic again, I found the dish to be salty.

The next course was one that I probably enjoyed the most.

Some roasted sunflower seeds and caviar. Brown butter and calvados reduction.

A couple more dishes before the main meat.

The duck.

…and finally, dessert.

Overall, service was good but I wasn’t really impressed by this dinner. I felt that the ingredients were of high quality, but either not sufficiently transformed or too much reliance on pickling. For example, the first dessert above, the fruit was probably of very high quality, and nicely arranged, but nothing spectacular. Same with the shrimp and some of the other dishes. Nothing was mind blowing or packed with umami. I would not return or recommend.

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