Good Experience at Stallen in Oslo

Stallen is a one Michelin Star restaurant in Oslo, Norway. Upon arrival to the small restaurant, you will see the open kitchen. There are two levels of seating. You can request to sit downstairs if want to see the kitchen at work, or upstairs, where we sat.

The staff welcomed us with some kombucha.

I also ordered a Nordic vodka, but was surprised that they didn’t have lemon for it. We were given a paper with a story about the restaurant, and their farm, where they get their produce from. This reminded me of Herbfarm in Washington state which I will write about shortly.

The meal started with some amuse which was very nicely presented. There was some beet with eel and turbot fat; a Swedish bread; langoustine with a bit of heat; and beef tartar with horseradish though I didn’t really taste any horseradish.

The first main was a scallop with chicken and mushroom jus.

Next, a delicious langoustine, probably my favorite dish of the night, which had a nice grilled taste, hint of sweetness and a side that added some acidity.

Next, fish which was hake. The sauce was really good with nice acidity and butter.

After, they served some fermented potato bread.

The restaurant then served a cucumber palate cleanser which I loved, it had dill and a bit of sweetness.

Next I believe was veal or beef tongue with a millefeuille potato which they painstakingly shaved thin and layered.

Before the main meat course, a choux with smoked cured reindeer. My first time having reindeer.

The last savory course – 10 day dry aged duck.

Before dessert, a cheese course that was very nicely presented.

The first dessert was also beautifully presented, but to my dismay, it was made of beets in continuing the theme/trend of using vegetable as desserts that I have been witnessing in Europe.

The final dessert was more to my liking. Apple ice cream and cramel.

To finish the meal, some petit fours. Including a canele that was crunchy on the outside but light and fluffy on the inside with good incorporation of acidity. Also, a cheese shortbread tart that was so good and full of umami!

Overall, this was an excellent meal where the chefs transformed ingredients, and plated beautifully. I appreciated the use of produce they grew themselves. Service was good. I could return (though would want to try other new places) and would recommend.

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