Bouillon Republique – Good lunch option for classic French dishes

I recently had lunch at Bouillon Republique (there is another location in Pigalle). I choose this spot based on the menu having a lot of French classic dishes. You should make reservation in advance online. Upon arrival, there was a huge line outside but there is a separate line for people with reservations, and we were seated right away. The space is tight with tables really close to each other:

Here was the menu:

We started with escargot which was pretty good.

I had the blanquette de veau which was pretty good, but I felt it could of used more seasoning.

I also tried the steak tartar and fries which was much better. Flavorful and well seasoned.

Overall, service was fast and efficient, but inattentive. We would of ordered dessert but the server never came back after delivering our food, despite me asking her to. Basically, you order, and then the food comes to the table fast after that. To pay, you scan a QR code and never have to interact with the server again. Despite the lack of seasoning in my dish, it was still good, and I would still return to try the other French dishes on the menu. I would also recommend this place for lunch, if you are looking for classic French dishes.

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