Chez Denise – Classic French in More Than One Way

Recently, a friend from France recommended I try La Tour Montlhéry – Chez Denise. His pick for authentic and traditional French food. I loved the interior. He was right, very French. You order off blackboards in French. Good thing for high school French classes and Canadian cereal boxes ;). I started with the escargot. Pretty good.

Next, the veal chop. This is where things get more French, if you are a foreigner. I find that in many European countries, they don’t understand medium rare and when you tell them how you want your steak done, they will always overcook it. I guess they are tired with dealing with tourists who send food back because its “rare”. Anyway, I am not one of those tourists and I want my steak medium rare! Anyway, as expected, the steak came back medium to medium well, but I have a policy against sending food back unless its unedible so I ate it anyway. It was still delicious.

The meat was seasoned well. It came with some bone marrow which was delicious. It also came with a sauce Normandie which was also delicious.

I plated it with some fries on the side.

Another thing which I found odd about this place was they had no mayo, just ketchup. This was not very French.

Overall, despite the things that went wrong, the food was still good, though obviously could of been amazing, and service was very French. Not friendly but not rude. Just to the point. I would still return to try other French classics, and due to the charm of the place; but only for lunch.

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