One of the best cuisines done well in Vancouver

Suyo is a “modern” Peruvian restaurant located in Vancouver. I had the pleasure of dining a la carte here when it first opened, and I recently went back for their tasting menu. Its great to have a Peruvian restaurant in the city, as Peru, in my opinion, has one of the world’s best food scenes and is a trip I vividly remember both for food, and culture.

As you will see in this post, the food is vibrant and colorful. The meal started with a ceviche:

The flavors were wonderful and the only feedback I would give is that the dish was slightly too acidic. Next, scallop and white asparagus with truffle.

Fried prawn and scallop.

Trout with trout skin chicharron. The trout was perfectly cooked and had a smokey sauce that was just full of flavor.

Finally, lomo soltado. The beef was tender and well cooked. The sauce was extremely savory and the dish was very delicious and well executed.

For dessert, a chicha morada ice cream (a Peruvian beverage made from corn) and a tres leches cake. The cake was better than the ice cream.

Overall, the service was good, and the pace of food was good with no long gaps in service. The food was delicious with only minor areas for improvement. I will definitely be back and would highly recommend this place.

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