Kaiseki Yuzu Vegas

Kaiseki Yuzu in Vegas serves Kaiseki style cuisine which is similar to a Western tasting menu. This particular restaurant had about 10 seats at a bar where you can watch the chefs prepare your food, and I also saw two small private rooms.

The meal starts with what would be the Western equivalent of an amuse bouche (note that there are a couple of menu options and we went with the highest priced one; the main difference is the type of ingredients you get):

The next course was otoro and lobster.

Then a steamed lobster and scallop cake with lobster sauce and caviar.

This was followed by A5 Wagyu grilled over bincho-tan (Japanese Charcoal) with foie gras and shaved truffle (which the chef shaved tableside).

Next was a hot pot (shabu-shabu). The broth lacked flavor and I found this more of a gimmick than an actual enjoyable dish.

After that was tempura. It was ok, but for this price point and level of cooking, I was expecting better; definitely not the best tempura I have had.

lobster, uni, ikura and yuzu sauce:

Nigiri and lobster miso. The sushi was ok, but not outstanding.


Overall, service was good but the meal was just ok. The ingredients and presentation, for the most part, were good, but the dishes lacked any wow umami factor. I would not return. There are places you can go that specialize in each individual dish, that would be amazing, rather than having just average to good dishes all at one place.

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