Discovering a new dessert

The Paleta Bar in Las Vegas’s amazing Chinatown sells, you guessed it, paletas. When I walked into this place, I had never heard of paletas before. The guy working explained that they were Mexican popsicles made from fruit or other ingredients like chocolate. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful display of assorted flavors:

You choose your flavor, I chose Ube, then decide on a dip (I got mine drizzled in white chocolate instead of dipped):

…and then you can choose a topping. I had fruity pebbles.

The result was a work of art in itself. The product was absolutely delicious. Not too sweet and full of flavor. I will be back every time I am in Vegas. The staff are very friendly and proud of their product, it shows in their welcome and the pride they take making it. They will take the time to explain the product if its your first time. Great place!

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  1. growing up in Canada, the only popsicles I knew were sugar, water and food colouring – really, really lame. I wish I grew up with paletas!

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