Sushi Hill – Good Neighborhood Sushi

I recently went to the much talked about Sushi Hill in Vancouver. We sat at the bar and here was the menu that evening:

One of the first things I saw was the chef breaking down blue fin tuna which was a good sign!

We ordered a few things off the menu and some came with miso soup which they brought out first:

The meal started with fresh oysters and a gift from the chef. Flavors were delicious.

Next, the blue fin tasting. Flavors were there but refinement can be improved.

Then, the nigiri set which is their version of omakase:

By this point we were getting full. The nigiri set was ok, but not amazing.

  • I prefer omakse to be served one by one
  • just like the blue fin set, the cuts and composition could use more refinement
  • I like less use of garnishes and sauces and to let the fish and rice speak for itself

Finally, the foie gras nigiri:

The best foie gras nigiri can still be found at Sushi Tetsu.

Overall, service was really good. The server and chef were extremely friendly and hospitable. This is a great option if you live in the neighborhood, but I would not make a special trip just to eat here. The best sushi in Vancouver is Sushi Tetsu hands down, and I would say it could hold its own globally too. After that, Bar Maumi is a good choice too or Okeya Kyujiro (but they have other things in addition to sushi).

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  1. noticing many more places adding garnishes and sauces too. I think this is being generally accepted as innovative Japanese cuisine. you are right though, I had a sea bream recently with something like a ghost pepper garnish, a spin on traditional wasabi garnish, and I did not like it. and no, the place was not a random place with the funny rolls, it has a mention (not a star) in the michelin guide. i just thought I need to get used to these innovations

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