La Fleur – 2 Michelin Stars, Frankfurt

La Fleur is a 2 Michelin Starred restaurant in Frankfurt, Germany. Here was the menu that day:

I had the 6 courses, and I’m glad I did as the deer was the most memorable dish. It was perfectly cooked and delicious. The others were just ok, either not mind blowing nor particularly memorable. The presentation and service however, were on point.

This deer was exceptional

Overall, comparing 2 two-Michelin starred restaurants I have dined at in Germany recently (an fairly close to each other especially on the Autobahn!), I would not dine here again, and instead recommend Speisemeisterei (in Stuttgart) instead. The flavors, dishes, and overall dining room provide for a much more pleasurable dining experience. In fact, I think that comparing these two, one either needs another star or….

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