The Sahara Desert – Day 3 – The most incredible thing I have seen in travel – foodwise

Day 3 of our trip to the Sahara Desert started with this incredible sunrise:

…and then breakfast – shakshouka in a tagine which I had requested the night before; the Moroccan pancakes at the camp were amazing too.

After breakfast it was time for a camel ride through the desert. Mohammed and his assistant also packed an amazing picnic for us.

After about an hour of riding we found a spot to settle down. Mohammed prepared some tea over an open fire, and some meze to start.

After the salads we had some chicken kebaps.

…and then, the most incredible thing I have seen in my years of travel, Mohammed made bread from scratch (like literally, from flour and water) and baked it in the ground!

Kneading the dough
bringing the bread to the fire
checking the “doneness”
cleaning the bread off

…and finally ready to try the bread…

After an hour ride back to the camp, I decided to try sandboarding for the first time. I used to snowboard a lot and this was not as fun. After a couple “runs”, the novelty had worn off.

…the evening ended with dinner, the usual tagines of veg, beef and chicken. This would not be my favorite meal.

Tomorrow, back to Marrakech…

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