The Sahara Desert – Day 2 – The Arrival

I woke up on Day 2 of our journey to the Sahara and had an unremarkable buffet breakfast at the hotel before departing for the desert. Along the way, our driver showed us a movie studio where a lot of movies set in the desert are produced.

We also stopped by this area with great views of date palm trees.

After this we stopped at a cafe beside this amazing castle for a restroom break.

Then it was on to the last town (Mhamid) before the desert for some lunch.

Lunch was just ok. I saw harira soup on the menu but it was nowhere near as good as at the Royal Mansour. I also had some chicken.

After lunch we proceeded for a few minutes, and finally, DESERT!

One of the first things we stopped to take pics of was this tree in the middle of no where – it reminded me of a scene from the Lion King.

Along the way to the camp, our driver also showed us a well where the local Berbers get their water from.

…and finally arrival at the camp which would be our home for the next two nights. We were lucky that there would be no other guests at the camp for those two nights.

…and here is a look at the interior:

It was freezing at night. We put 5 layers of blankets on top of the bed to stay warm. There is no heating in the tents. When you go for dinner, they will put a gas heater in the tent and then take it out before you go to bed. It will keep the place warm for about 30 minutes. In the morning, they can bring back the heater.
There is running water and they also give you bottled water for brushing your teeth.
There is hot water but you need to schedule when you want it because it is heated by wood fire.

Overall, the accommodations were clean but I would not call it “luxury”.

After we got settled, Mohammed, the camp manager, welcomed us with some tea. If you ever get a chance to visit the camp, I cannot say enough good things about Mohammed. He thought of everything to make our stay as comfortable as possible. Amazing service from him and his team!

The next few pics were at various points during the sunset that day. This is what I had imagined and it was a totally zen experience.

After the sunset the camp was lit up with the Moroccan candleholders I love and have put all over my home!

Considering where we were, food was not bad, and very plentiful. It consisted of veg soup, and various tagines. Very nutritious and only whole foods.

After dinner Mohammed and his team provided some entertainment around a fire.

Tomorrow, we will go camel riding and I will share with you one of the most incredible food experiences I have seen!

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