Is this place in London truly at the level of 3 Michelin Stars?

3 Michelin stars. The highly coveted, and highest rating/honor that can be bestowed on a restaurant. I have been to a few in my lifetime and the experience is almost religious. Walking into such an establishment you get a feeling of reverence, like walking into a temple. This was certainly the case on a recent visit to Sketch in London. I have been here many times, but only for drinks.

For those who have not been, the space is an Instagram dream. There are many unique rooms for drinking and eating. They are also well known for their unique bathroom.

The actual restaurant is called the Lecture Room & Library. The experience started shortly after I made the reservation with the restaurant emailing me asking if there was anything being celebrated. I told them we were travelling with my parents who had only recently started travelling again and venturing to places they would not normally go. I will show you the restaurant’s response to this later in this post.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, the atmosphere and setting were certainly on the level of 3 Michelin stars. Grand entrance, beautiful space, and they even placed us in a private room with sitting area!

Here was the menu for the evening.

I will post pics of the meal, and then tell you my opinion.

In terms of taste, not everything was mind blowingly good as it should be at this level. Presentation wise, it was nice but not everything was super tight and refined. Overall, service was fantastic and the setting was amazing, but the food fell short of my expectations. I have been to other Pierre Gagnaire restaurants before and also had similar thoughts. Anyway, I would highly recommend sketch for drinks and the beautiful setting, but I would not return to Lecture Room and Library.

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