Another amazing flight on Turkish Airlines YVR > IST

I had the pleasure of flying Turkish airlines domestically in Turkey, and within Europe, a few months ago, and I was impressed by the service and food. On a recent trip to London, I got to experience their international product from YVR to IST. One of the first things that stood out as I boarded the plane, was that they had a dedicated chef. This is not something you see everyday on a plane, and certainly not in business class. What a great first impression.

We flew on an A350. The seat itself was a pod that is found in most business class products. What set Turkish Airlines apart was the service. By the way, if you are a couple, the middle seats are a good option as they are side by side.

The slippers provided were VERY comfortable and there was a good selection of new movies

One really nice touch I enjoyed a lot, and have not seen on other airlines, was the candlelight dinner service. It set a nice atmosphere.

I also really enjoyed the dinner cart during meal service where you can choose from a wide assortment of mezze and soup to begin your meal.

I went with some soup and starters then a steak which was decent considering we were 35,000 feet asl.

The dessert cart had a good selection of Turkish desserts.

The service was fantastic. Every attendant was pleasant and delivered any request promptly. The bathrooms also had a good selection of amenities and touchless faucets. Overall, this was another great experience with Turkish airlines.

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