Another Great Vegas Discovery – More Options for Great Sushi

I am always looking for great sushi spots in Vegas especially since I vowed not to go back to Kabuto, and on this trip, I found another – Sushi Hiro. Its a neighborhood place that serves really good sushi. You will need a car as its about 20 minutes from the Strip. Upon walking in, the walls are filled with famous locals that dined there. Then there is a LONG (maybe the longest I have seen) list of daily fresh products, a positive sign for any good sushi place:

Here’s what we ordered starting with the chu-toro. VERY VERY delicious.

One thing I didn’t like was they served the tamago as the second piece. Tamago should come at the end.

If you order the amaebi, you will be able to choose to have the head fried or in soup. I chose soup while others chose fried. The soup was so delicious!

The uni from Japan was also really good.

…and for comparison, we also had the Santa Barbara Uni. I preferred the former.

We also had Japanese Sardines, o toro, kamashita o toro and various others. Some pieces had a nice torch or other flavors added which enhanced them.

By the time the fattiest cuts arrived, we were so full. I am beginning to realize that I like chu-toro best. The fattiness is just enough whereas the otoro is too much, just like Wagyu.

Overall, service was pretty good and the sushi was really good. My only feedback, other than the timing of the tamago, would be that one order is two pieces of nigiri. For sushi at this level its expensive and if you have an odd numbered group, there will be an extra piece. It would be nice to be able to order single pieces to reduce cost and waste (by the end of the meal, everyone was so full we struggled to finished the “extra” pieces”). I would definitely return.

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