Unique Vietnamese Discovery in Vegas

Spring Mountain is the Chinatown of Vegas and an Asian food lover’s heaven. There are tons of options for delicious Asian food of all types and all price points. I always find something new on every trip. On my last trip to Vegas, I had an amazing lunch at Co Anh Sandwich & Noodle Kitchen. Its not your typical Vietnamese place, they don’t have Pho, and I dont know what you call this style of food, but its delicious!

We started with the meatball sandwich which was served with two meatballs, a savory tomato-based sauce, and a really well made rice flour baguette. The sauce was delicious. Along with this, we got what I think was called Hu Tieu Thit Ba Chi (pork belly and ground pork noodles). They served it with a broth on the side. The broth was incredibly tasty. Clean and good depth of flavor.

Next up, grilled pork patty spring rolls. These were good too but I would of liked more grilled flavor on the patties. I would skip these next time.

Next, cold deli and pate banh mi. This was delicious. The bread was perfect.

The spring rolls were also good.

…and finally, Bun Nem Nuong Cha Gio. This was basically a mixture of everything above so depending how hungry you are, you can just order this, or all of the above and skip this. There were 5 of us and it was definitely too much food to finish.

I also had a pandan, coconut, mung bean shake. It was delicious and I love pandan, but it had a lot of sugar in it so I only enjoyed a couple of sips. Overall, service was very friendly, and quick. Food was delicious, and well priced. I will definitely be back to try other things on the menu.

4 thoughts on “Unique Vietnamese Discovery in Vegas”

    1. I am intrigued by the rice flour bread myself, and I would probably pass on the pork patty spring rolls. One of the best parts of banh mi places is eating lots, then, taking a sandwich to-go

      1. So apparently, the key is to add a little rice flour. Not entirely rice flour. What I find interesting about Vietnamese food, and food in general, is you can see “history” on a plate. The French Colonial influence on Vietnamese food is evident in the bread, pate in Bahn Mi, Vietnamese Crepes etc. However, Vietnamese bread is different from French baguettes in that the Vietnamese version is lighter and airier. The crust us thinner and not as hard/thick.

  1. take home message for readers! get off the Strip, and take an inexpensive Uber to Spring Mountain area, open fft blog and enjoy the convenience of sampling several countries unique cuisine all for the price of a Vegas trip! who needs to deal with all the bloodbath in international airports – not me! thanks for bringing the world to our doorstep fft! more reviews MORE

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