Is the Michelin Guide Bull?

In general, I have found success using the Michelin guide more often than not. However, in Malta, I found the guide off. Only 1/5 restaurants in the guide were good. That’s a 20% success rate. The guide in Malta needs to be revised. This brings us to the topic of this post – Caviar and Bull – which is included in the Guide. The description from the Guide says “this chic restaurant overlooking the bay specialises in top brand caviar and aged AAA Canadian beef – although you’ll find plenty of seafood too”. Chic? Yes! The rest? Lets find out. The meal started with an amuse and some butter. The amuse was nothing special. Usually, an amuse will be used to show off the kitchen’s skill and for what is to come. This amuse could of been made by anyone – tuna salad on a piece of bread. The butter was also transformed but I could not taste anything but butter and it was quite bland.

Our first course was the caviar which was ok, but the blinis were too thick for my liking so that each bite had too much blini.

The next course, caviar and bull, was a steak tartare and caviar. It was creative and nicely presented, but the dish lacked seasoning and some acidity would of improved it.

We move on to the “Ferrero foie gras” which was creative and also beautifully presented. This dish was pretty good.

For our seafood, we had one of the chef’s specialties – Lobster Popcorn. Beautifully plated, creative, and ok in taste. It had a kind of sweet and sour sauce on it, and was a bit dry.

For steak, we chose Argentinian beef. It was tender and well cooked temperature wise, but underseasoned and could of used a crust.

We finished with dessert.

Overall, service was ok, and the food was beautiful. The setting was also really nice. However, the food lacked wow factor in taste. There is potential, but tweaking needs to be done. I would not return until there was improvement in the food.

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