Noni – My Best Dinner in Malta

Noni is a one Michelin starred restaurant located in Europe’s smallest capital city – Valletta, Malta. We dined here on New Year’s Eve before hitting the club, and it was my favorite meal in Malta. The setting, service and food were near perfect. Here was the menu for the evening.

…and something I was excited about, trying some local wine, in this case, sparkling.

The meal started with some canapes which everyone at the table agreed were absolutely delicious. The black olives on the spoon were deconstructed then reconstructed which was a nice surprise (but not spherified):

The first course was the oyster and one of my only minor feedbacks from the meal. The oyster was delicious but I feel like oysters should be served cold. This one was more room temperature.

The next course was the scallop with Iberico Ham, but the ham was pureed/gel. I found that this restaurant used these types of creative techniques in quite a few dishes, but they were well executed and not “gimmicky”. This was my least favorite dish of the night. Although the taste was there, I didn’t like the texture of the ham.

The scallop was also served with a scallop cracker and broth. I really enjoyed both. The depth of flavor and clarity of the broth was on point.

The next course was the egg. Delicious and finished tableside with the sauce as were the remaining dishes. The dish was a tad salty. The dish was served with a bread to mop up the sauce.

Next was my favorite dish of the night. The lobster which was prepared like a Wellington. The filling, crust and sauce were just incredible.

The final dish was the American Wagyu.

This was followed by a palate cleanser.

…and a dessert which is not my favorite (Mont Blanc) in general.

The meal finished with some petit fours which were all delicious (we brought them home and were so good in the morning) and a take home box containing tea and some cookies. A nice touch to end the meal.

Overall, service was beyond excellent and the food was very good with only a few minor misses. I would definitely recommend this place AND return.

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