Is this the future of cooking? The 3D VR Chef.

Recently, I attended a meal put on by Le Petit chef. I did not really know what to expect and the food had mixed reviews, but that depends on the host venue and city. Le Petit chef is an “immersive dining experience”. It better I show you rather than explain. Here was the menu for the eveninig.

The show takes place on your table with overhead projectors projecting an animated show onto your table and plate. Each course, has a short animated scene. Here was the salad course.

The salad portion (in general, the portions were perfect except I found the beef and dessert course a bit much) was perfect and beautifully presented. The dressing was just enough without overpowering everything. The whipped goat cheese and candy pecans added nice touches of texture, umami, and sweetness. Great start. The second course, and my favorite was a seafood laksa. 10/10. The broth was so delicious.

Next up, another seafood course. A prawn and lobster terrine. The only complaint I have about this dish was the potato side was cold.

The last savory course was the beef. It was also good, but my least favorite of the evening.

The dessert was nicely presented and had a good mix of texture from the cornflake crunch crust. The flavors worked well together and it was not overly sweet.

Overall, service was good. Considering that the servers are probably new in each city each time, the service was carried out well with very few mistakes. Everything was well coordinated. There were no long gaps between courses. Also, the length of the animation was just right. Not too long or too short. There were a few kids in the dinner and they all seemed to love it. It would be a great date or family event. However, after going once, the novelty of it wears off so I would not attend again, but I definitely would encourage someone to attend if it comes to their city with the caveat that the food quality may not be the same depending on the venue in that city. The only other flaw I found was the use of Ikea dinnerware. For a $150+ meal, I would expect higher quality dinnerware.

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