Good Asian Food in Halifax?

One of the few amazing things about Vancouver is the abundance, and variety, of high quality Asian food. This is to be expected in a city where about 45% of the population is Asian. In contrast, Asians only make up 8.6% of Halifax. Can you get good Asian food in Halifax? Lets find out!

AFrite – We went here for breakfast and I was not even looking for Asian food. I never expected to get amazing Asian food for breakfast, in Halifax, at a non-Asian restaurant where no one in the kitchen was Asian; but I’m glad I did. Here was the menu:

I had the bibim brunch bowl and it was delicious. The service here was very slow because initially, there was only one server who was also the bartender and answering the phones. She was doing the best she could though.

Kanpai Izakaya – this place had an all Japanese staff and the setting and menu stayed true to the Izakaya theme.

Karage in Halifax is served with a ponzu type sauce instead of Japanese mayo
Tako wasabi
The sushi was not bad and the fish was very fresh

Overall, the service was ok and the food was pretty good considering where we were. I would recommend this place if you are craving Asian food in Halifax.

Butaramen – ramen is hard to pull off because the broth cannot disappoint. There is nothing worse than a flavorless broth (maybe overcooked noodles). Here was the menu.

We started with karage again.

Luckily, the broth was good. Service was good too. I would come back when in Halifax. It was not as good as other ramen I have had elsewhere, but again, considering where we were, it was pretty good.

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