The last place I thought I would find Filipino BBQ

Filipino BBQ, or inihaw, is usually marinated chicken or pork grilled on a stick. Its delicious. The marinade is usually a combination of sweet, and savory. What makes it even better is when its served on the street in the most unexpected of places – Halifax!

Rocky’s Original Filipino BBQ serves these delicious meats on a stick right on the street in downtown Halifax. Its located in an area known as “Pizza Corner” with an abundance of bars and “drunk” food places.

Walking in the area one evening on a recent trip to Halifax, I was excited to see this amazing set up from my home country. According to their Instagram, the address is 5237 Blowers Street. Definitely check it out if you are in the area!

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  1. the benefits of a broad filipino diaspora…I hope they had plenty of sawsawan to cut through the grilled fat!

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