After XLBs, have dessert here

One of the great things about Chinatown in Vegas are the plazas filled with food that make it convenient to walk from one place to the next. A perfect example of this is Somi Somi – Korean soft serve and Taiyaki. Its in the same plaza as ShanHai Taste so you can have XLBs and then soft serve for dessert.

We went for the Ube which is a purple yam from the Philippines. Its my favorite ice cream flavor (and cake). The seating is bleacher style.

We also got Cap N Crunch powder.

The soft serve was delicious. Not too sweet with a hint of ube coming through. My only feedback would be to make the Cap N Crunch more crumble like than powder because it was hard to taste as powder. It would also add a nice texture; after all, it does have “crunch” in the name. Anyway, there are other toppings and flavors and I would definitely go back.

1 thought on “After XLBs, have dessert here”

  1. soft serve ube pulls at my gut strings! indeed, an ube shake is indicated! great feedback about the crunch texture, that is important, and the resto could do so many different things to get that crunch in every bit. without the crunch, then, it is just soft serve, which is kind of boring, and not really Vegas! if it was ground up Captain Crunch cereal, then by grinding it up, it is just sugar powder lol

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