Everyone gets front row seats in London

Kitchen Table is a 2 Michelin Star restaurant in London. The front door leads to a bar area where you will be served amuse bouche and cocktails while waiting to be seated in the main dining room.

After, you will be lead into the main dining room where the table is U-Shaped and wrapped around the kitchen so that everyone gets a front row seat to all the action.

Here is a look at some of the kitchen team plating and preparing.

You will also have a choice of doing a wine or non-alcohol pairing. We did one of each. Each non-alcoholic pairing involved an elaborate table side preparation. I won’t show all of them, but here is an example.

The meal starts with some bread and butter.

…and every course involved an explanation by chef.

Throughout the evening, various kitchen team members will also come around and showcase the products they will be using in your meal.

…and the meal continues…

The lobster dish was my favorite of the evening. It was perfectly smoked!

Then we moved on to a pasta course.

There were so many presentations of ingredients and chef explanations that I am not adding them all to this post for the sake of length. Here was the aged beef cooked, the passion radiating from chef while slicing, and the final plated dish.

Next came various cheese and dessert courses.

…and some dessert plating action.

If you order mint tea, it will come from this plant!

…and finally, everyone moves back to the bar area for petit fours.

Overall, service was excellent, and the meal was good and included a show/experience. I would say not every dish had a wow factor, but it was still good (my favorite tasting menu of this trip would have to go to Speisemeisterei). I would recommend someone to experience Kitchen Table for themselves though its not the kind of place I would go to multiple times.

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