Testing the Michelin Testers 2 (in Vancouver) – Anh Chi

Anh Chi is a Vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver that was recently awarded a Bib Gourmand designation in the Michelin Guide while another Vietnamese restaurant, Bonjour, was simply recommended. Is Anh Chi better? Lets find out. In my opinion, there are three major differences between the two.

One difference between the two is the booking process. Our reservation at Bonjour was what you would expect where as Anh Chi requires you to make a $10 donation per person for each reservation. Although there are 3 places you can choose from, some people might not be supporters of any of the causes. In any event, I proceeded to make a reservation and we were promptly seated.

Our server introduced us to the menu and we started with the DIY street side platter which includes various proteins you can wrap in rice rolls and various other herbs and pickled veggies. We got the meat option and everything was delicious. I would say its just right for 3 people to share.

This was followed by the chicken wings which were also delicious.

Next came two dishes which packed HUGE flavors: caramelized sablefish and chicken curry! I’m not kidding with the flavors. They popped off the plate and right into your mouth. So so so so much flavor!

It was at this point the service went downhill. I think there was a change over in shifts, but it was not managed properly because there was a LONG pause in service with no one refilling water, clearing tables, bringing the next dish etc. Eventually, another server came by after I had followed up on the meal and brought the last dish (by the way, both servers were good, this was a management problem); the pho.

While the pho was flavorful, the broth was not as well developed as at Bonjour. Maybe its a different style as I know there is a difference in Pho between the north and south of Vietnam, but I prefer the broth at Bonjour. It has a more beefy and rich flavor. This one was sweeter.

For dessert, we had pandan ice cream which they do not make, but is from a good local producer we like called Le Glace.

Overall, this was a delicious meal. Things that could be improved would be the service during transitions. I also prefer the pho at Bonjour more. Overall, I think both are good and would be glad to visit either again. I can’t tell why one got the Bib Gourmand designation, and the other not, but c’est la vie!

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  1. Cant wait to try the caramelized sable fish and chicken curry next time in am in Vancouver! That donation thing seems a funny though, even with good intention, that is not the right way to do charity stuff, twisting arms. Did the resto at least give you a credit equivalent to your donation applied towards the evenings bill?

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