Day 7 in Turkey – Food Revenge! Two places you need to try in Bodrum!

Coming off a shameful low in food consumption the previous day, I was determined to make a comeback today! First order of business, find a good local Pide shop. After some research I found Pideci Mumtaz. It was located in an automotive industrial area of the city.

When I walked in, I knew I had found the right place. Exactly what I like to see – passionate indicviduals who decided to specialize in one thing and do it well with all the right tools (you will see the fired over later):

Here is a vid of the master at work:

…and here was the menu:

As mentioned in a previous post, I have still not figured out how to order Turkish bread and pizza. The couple at the shop didn’t speak English so I had to use Google translate. Here is what we ended up receiving:

The first had egg and some ground meat on it. A big difference between Turkish and Italian pizza is the lack of a tomato sauce in the former. Also, I find that Turkish food will not be as strongly seasoned as other parts of the world. I rarely add salt to my food, but found myself doing so much more in Turkey. The food in the second pic was filled with cheese. The bread was cooked perfectly.

After our meal we decided to head back to Yalikavak Marina to check it out in the day time. However, first we wanted to stop by the Edition Hotel Bodrum. We are big fans of the Edition brand, and when researching this trip, we were undecided which hotel to choose in Bodrum. I ultimately decided on the Caresse over the Edition due to location. We had some nice Turkish coffee and ice cream at the Edition while admiring the views.

At the Marina, we did some shopping, and if you are into Dior, they have a fantastic rooftop patio.

After a few hours we headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner but not before stopping by the Bodrum sign to get in some fantastic views.

Dinner – Bistro Marina – This was an amazing place to have dinner and probably the best kebap I had in Turkey. First of all the view – dinner with the castle again!

Second, the guys behind the grill reminded me of Japanese yakitori masters!

In continuing with things reminiscent of Japanese culinary, the meal here was served omakase style. You don’t order. They just bring you want comes off the grill and you just tell them to stop when you are full. The lamb here was top 5 ever! The meal started with some Meze.

…and then the main event (you gotta eat here!):

Dessert, baklava

Overall, service was VERY good and the food fantastic. I would highly recommend this place.

After dinner we decided to go for a walk and check out the nightlife. Bodrum is a vibrant city at night.

We also checked out the Bodrum Castle up close:

Tomorrow, we switch hotels and check out a hotel brand that we had an amazing stay with in the Douro Valley in Portugal – the Six Senses – but of course, in Bodrum…..

3 thoughts on “Day 7 in Turkey – Food Revenge! Two places you need to try in Bodrum!”

  1. Thanks for that comment! So many places have travel warnings, and it is easy to get carried away with safety precautions, to the point of avoiding places/people that appear different from that to which one is accustomed. Would hate to risk missing out on experiences (such as that awesome experience where you are grilling the meat!) because of being over cautious. But it is easy to feel uncomfortable in new surroundings where everyone is speaking a different language around you, but I got good advice once to make sure I keep doing new stuff that is not comfortable to build up growth opportunities and resilience. Turkey is now on my growing list of to-visit, thanks to your blog!

  2. pizza with egg? I love anything with egg…tartare, ramen. Probably used more like a binder, or to add texture or richness? Video shows the egg was not seasoned. You also found another mark of a great local shop – not speaking English, but willing to share the bounty of their work with you as a travelling visitor. Bodrum overall looks so amazing. Would you say you felt safe overall? And did you have any of the same Uber/taxi problems that you had in Istanbul?
    The grill place is what I have been waiting for your review – how each culture cooks their meat tends to be a proud tradition developed through centuries, and what you see in front of you is the same meat recipes that were eaten over the years when babies were born, at weddings, and when battles were won. Looking forward to more meat reviews!

    1. In all parts of Turkey, we felt safe all the time. In fact, we came from London just before and took more precaution there due to recent reports. In Bodrum, we rented a car and I would recommend anyone visiting to do the same. The roads in Turkey are very well maintained. The driving style is different, but I was born in Manila so I’m used to anything on the road. 🙂

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