Best Meal in a While from This Celeb Chef

As readers of this blog know, I tend to stay away from the Food Network type celebrity chefs; which is why I have never eaten at a Gordon Ramsay establishment…until now…and boy did it deliver. My meal at Savoy Grill in London was one of the best meals I have had in a while, maybe top 10 ever! The dining room had an old school art deco feel.

We decided to go with the tasting menu which started with some sourdough bread and smoked butter. The bread was warm and the butter was delicious.

The first course was a poached oyster. I was very curious about this dish as I like my oysters raw. However, it was delicious. Lightly poached with just enough acidity and richness from the seaweed beurre blanc. Now I know why they come in 3 and 6 on the a la carte menu. You will definitely want more than one.

Next, the smoked haddock Arnold Bennett souffle with cheddar sauce. The haddock incorporated was delicious and went nicely with the cheddar sauce. The souffle had a custard like texture and consistency. The side veg had just enough acidity to refresh the palate after each bite of the souffle.

…and finally, what I had been waiting for, the beef wellington.

If there was heaven on a plate, this would be it! The veggie was cooked perfectly and paired well with the jus, mashed potato, and beef. Each bite of the trio produced the perfect pleasure experience. The mashed P was buttery but not overly so like some versions of pommes puree. The beef cooked perfectly and so was the crust. So succulent and soft. The jus was incredible. In the crust, there was a bit of truffle which brought everything together. The best beef wellington I have ever had.

Dessert, a chocolate cremeux, was underwhelming, but almost nothing could take away from the near perfect meal.

..and some petite fours (also underwhelming)….

Overall, service from the sommelier to our server was perfect. The savory portion of the meal was as near perfect as possible. I would go back and back again, and highly recommend this place.

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