Looks can be deceiving

After a couple negative dining experiences, I thought I should write about a positive one, in the most unexpected of places. Planta is a plant-based restaurant in Toronto (with locations in other cities) that my daughters have been asking me to try for a while now. I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. We started with the Ahi Watermelon:

I think that both visually and texturally, this was well done. The rice could use some improvement but in general, it was good. We also had the unagi eggplant:

The next two items were delicious: bang bang broccoli and chick’n fried mushrooms:

The sauce on the broccoli was delicious and whats not to love about something fried? Same goes for the fried mushrooms which were meaty and crispy. The gzoya were even done in the traditional way:

Two other sushi we had were the aburi style avocado/miso truffle glaze and rainbow roll:

For mains we had the udon which was nice and creamy and the Singapore noodles. I felt that these could be improved with a well seasoned wok.

Overall, the service was excellent (my daughters used to work there) and the food was quite good. Would I return? Most likely. Although I would not necessarily crave any of the food, it is a good, maybe the best, alternative if you are on a low/no cholesterol diet for health reasons. The textures are good without using “fake” or overly processed meat-like products. Quite creative and quite an accomplishment.

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