The best flight in a while…

On a recent trip to NYC, I had the absolute pleasure of flying Jetblue Mint (their version of business class) from SEA to JFK (my first time on a Jetblue flight). With the recent chaos in air travel (lost luggage, delays, cancelled trips etc), this was a shining star. The first thing to know is that on this aircraft, an A321, the mint configuration is a bit awkward. Although all the seats are lay flat, some are called “throne seats”, basically single suites and some are 2 side by side. I was in one of the throne seats and this was what greeted me as I boarded the plane:

Note that the throne seats have a door you can close and you will be in complete privacy, but they don’t work until the plane is in the air (as you will see from the video below). The 2 seats don’t have this option. It was also nice that masks were not mandatory on the flight since it was a U.S. domestic flight (as of the time of writing this, masks are still required when flying on a Canadian airline; if you want to avoid this, book airlines that are not Canadian owned). Here is a quick tour of the suite:

Here is a look at the menu. I had the Tuscan fried chicken sandwich. The food was really good. I have had a few memorable airline meals in the past and this was top 10. The wild mushroom brodo (Italian broth) was so flavorful and clean.

Before dinner, I also tried the Mint Condition cocktail. It was cocktail bar quality.

A package with a duvet and pillow were provided:

The seat had a lot of storage and the inflight entertainment was excellent. It had live TV and movies. The seat also had a massage option.

The amenities were fantastic. They were packaged in a paper pouch made to look like leather. This was better than the cloth pouches airlines usually give on business class that just accumulate in my bathroom vanity or are bad for the environment if thrown out. I actually used a lot of the products including the melatonin gummies, mints, eye mask, ear plugs, and lotion.

I had originally planned to sleep most of the flight so that I was ready to go upon landing in NYC, but everything on the plane was so amazing, I wanted to make use of it all so I ate, watched TV, watched a movie, and still had an amazing sleep. That’s how good this flight was. Here is a tour of the suite with the door closed.

As I awoke, this view of Manhattan greeted me:

Two more things I really enjoyed about Jetblue: 1. The flight attendants were genuinely nice and provided GREAT service. Not once did they seem to be more babysitter oriented like so many have become these days. It was hugely noticeable. 2. They provided a nice “to go” breakfast kit that included cold coffee, pressed juice and various other snacks. I have had the pleasure of experiencing many business class products from many airlines and I can say this one was one of my favorite. Jetblue recently announced flights from YVR to NYC but it looks like mint is not offered on the route which is a shame. However, I will be sure to prioritize Jetblue Mint for future travels where it is offered. Hopefully, the experience is across the whole airline and not just a one time luck of the draw. Thanks Jetblue, for making flying pleasurable again!

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  1. Thanks for reviewing flights! Prior I would not “risk” a JetBlue flight unless significant advantage over other larger carrier, but good to know your overall experience was top 10! More flight reviews FFT!

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