Another super fun thing to do in London

Play bingo! Yes, Bingo….but this is not your grandparents’ bingo. This is nightclubish bingo, and its a place in London called Hijingo Bingo. I booked a “bottomless” brunch in advance which included a welcome cocktail, 2 rounds (6 games total), food, and unlimited beer or prosecco.

Upon arrival you will check in and then wait at a bar area. If you bought a package that includes a cocktail, make sure they give you a voucher for it when you check in.

Once they are ready for you, you will be asked to head into the bingo hall:

At your seat, you will find a bottle of prosecco. When you want more, you just need to ask the server. The atmosphere is exciting. Almost like a nightclub. Lots of lights and loud music. The energy is fantastic once the room fills up.

Each bingo card is good for 3 games. Once the rules are presented the games will begin. In between rounds (after 3 games) there will be an intermission. The food comes out at that time. I had the Korean chicken and waffles. It was pretty good considering where we were.

Each game has a prize attached to it, and the energy in the room increases as the time goes on.

Overall, this was an incredibly unique and fun experience. I only wish that we had played more games. 2 rounds left me wanting more by the end. I would suggest you play 3 or more rounds if that’s an option. This is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I would gladly do it again.

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