Beast Mode

Beast is a steakhouse in London, or more accurately, as it portrays itself, a surf and turf place. This is evident from the moment you step foot inside – aging meats and fresh seafood tanks.

The seating is a communal shared table concept.

Aside from the aging meats and seafood tanks, the fresh board, listing the day’s “catch” also excited me.

We decided on the Galician Blond. I once watched a documentary on Netflix called Steak (R)evolution. It was about a group of people to travelled the world to find the best steak in the world. If I remember correctly, Galician Blond was proclaimed the winner; but first, some oysters.

…and king crab legs which our server was nice enough to cut so we could take the meat out easily.

…and then the beef.

…and dessert

Overall, service was ok. Not overly friendly or attentive but not bad nor slow. Just OK. The food itself was pretty good though I have had better steak. Since the cow are slaughtered more mature, the beef is supposed to have a very unique taste. I did not detect it. Though it was a tender, well cooked, well seasoned piece of meat. The rest of the food was good too, but not amazingly memorable. I am also undecided about the communal table concept. Overall, I’m glad I went but I probably would go somewhere else next time for steak. I feel that the food and atmosphere do not justify the price. The atmosphere is not a traditional steakhouse, but not modern either. I would of preferred one of the two.

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