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The Same but TOTALLY Different

The best Peking Duck in my memory has to be Imperial Treasure in Singapore (Orchard location). There are various locations in Singapore, and around the world, but this particular one has a Michelin star. That was 2018. Fast forward to 2022, and I find myself in London tempted to try the location there to relive those memories of the best Peking Duck I have ever had. Huge disappointment.

The two restaurants may share the same name and owner, but they are completely different experiences. Lets start with the food. We started with the crispy golden prawn with salted egg yolk. They were pretty good, lots of flavor and this was the first and only decent thing we had during this meal.

The Peking duck was a huge disappointment. The skin was not crispy enough, lacked flavor and was way too oily.

We also had the braised noodle with mushroom and truffle oil. The dish could of been renamed oil with a side of noodles because that all I felt like I was eating – way too oily again.

The last course was the second course of the Peking duck. They only offer you three ways to get it and none are typical. I asked our server if they could make fried rice instead and she just said it was not possible. In this level of restaurant, she should of at least asked the chef. In the end we chose salt and pepper style. It was nothing spectacular.

Overall, the service was not great. Aside from the server just denying our request without even trying to see what she could do, she was just not generally knowledgeable about the menu. On top of that, the food was mediocre. Very oily and lacked any resemblance to the amazing food at their Singapore location. I don’t recall ever being to a restaurant with the same owner with just disparity in the consistency of the food in two different locations; especially at this level.

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