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Another English Tradition

Sunday roasts are another traditional meal in England. A few years ago, we had an amazing one at the only Michelin starred pub. That was at dinner. To me its a heavy meal and best suited for dinner, but difficult to find except at lunch. If someone from the UK can comment on this, please do so below (is it typically had for lunch or is it just so popular that it will be sold out by dinner?). Anyway, I decided on lunch at the Hawksmoor on Air Street. They have several locations and are well known for steaks. Make sure you make a reservation for before 5. Our server mentioned that if you come after, it will most likely be sold out.

Sunday roasts typically come with some sort of starch (this one had crispy potatoes but I prefer mashed), veggies, gravy, yorkshire pudding (which is like a fluffy bread for soaking up gravy; its delicious when done well) and of course, the beef. Each bite of beef should be slathered in gravy and horseradish!

The verdict: The service was good and the food was pretty good BUT my piece of beef had a LOT of gristle. For this reason, I would not return for their roast beef. I am curious about their steaks though, and would consider returning to try. By the way, my favorite roast dinner in North America is at Lawry’s. I will post about that in the future.

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