Caesar “as it should be” but Disappointing Steak

Barry’s Prime is a new (ish) steakhouse located in the Circa Resort in downtown Las Vegas. On a previous trip to Vegas, I had reservations which I could not make due to airline delays, so I was looking forward to finally trying this place on my most recent trip.

The interior has a nice classic but modern steakhouse feel to it; almost Gatsby like. We started off with the Caesar salad “as it should be” and I have to admit, it was delicious and as it should be. I believe my recipe is the best “as it should be”, but this would come a close second.

Unfortunately, this was the highlight. The rest of the meal was uneventful (the cocktails were pretty good) and the steak was disappointing.

The lobster tail and corn were ok, nothing spectacular. The steak was overcooked and lacked flavor despite being dry aged. We ordered the boneless ribeye medium rare and it came out more medium well. It also lacked a good crust and seasoning.

We decided to skip dessert and our server brought us some petit fours to finish. They were just ok too.

Overall, service was very good, but unfortunately, they did not deliver a good experience in what is in their name – steaks! I would not return.

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