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Surf Club – Even the Great Make Mistakes

The Surf Club is Thomas Keller’s restaurant in Miami Beach (Surfside) located inside the Four Seasons. Thomas Keller is well known for his 3 Michelin Star restaurant – The French Laundry – among other accolades.

The hotel and restaurant itself are beautiful. They have a very elegant old school vibe.

We were seated and the meal started out very strong. They brought some complimentary crudite, and we ordered caviar followed by table side Caesar salad.

These were quite good. The meal went downhill at the main course. The beef wellington, which we were informed was the chef’s signature dish. The problem was the crust was burned and overcooked. The presentation was nice as it is sliced tableside and it was not horrible, but at that level and price, it needs to be perfect.

you can see the burned bottoms in this pic

The burned bottoms detracted from the overall taste of the rest of the dish and imparted a bitter/burned taste to each bite. We did not send it back because as a rule, I almost never send anything back. We also ordered some sides which were pretty good.

Overall, I would not return to this place due to the burned wellington. I have been to the French Laundry and THAT is perfection. I have been to a few other TK places which were pretty good also, and I am sure this is not indicative of the Surf Club, but maybe just an off night. Nevertheless, at this level and price, someone should of been checking the food before being sent out. The service and ambiance were fantastic. I said I would not go back, but come to think of it, I would return for drinks if I was in the area.

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