Call Me Gaby – Call Me Good

Call me Gaby is a little known Italian restaurant located in Miami Beach’s South of Fifth area. It is a chic setting with a nice patio and interior that could be somewhere in the South of Italy!

We ordered a Maria Pizza – Mozzarella “fior di latte,” stracciatella, black truffle carpaccio; lobster ravioli, and a side of grilled veggies. Tiramisu for dessert.

Everything was delicious, but I would suggest skipping the grilled veggies. They were good, but not for $16 for a couple slices of common vegetables. Service was very good. This is a good lunch spot and I would go back.

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  1. Veggie plate is a good example of what every restauranteur should do to people with dietary “preferences” – overcharge for food that never would have made the menu other than to accommodate.

    Where are the finance posts? How am I supposed to travel to Miami to check out your spots without sage finance advice? Or direct us to a site/service that provides insights on investment analysis

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