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Milos – Just as Good as in Montreal, and Vegas…

Milos is a Greek restaurant which started in Montreal. However, my first encounter with Milos was in Vegas. I have been going back ever since. My first time eating a Montreal bagel was in the Vegas location; they used to fly them in. They also opened a location in Miami, and its still as good as the other two locations (they also have various other locations I have not tried like NYC). The following two pics and video sums up what is so good about this place – simple but well executed preparation of fresh ingredients.

Great attention to detail like grilling the bread

We started with the grilled octopus which they are well known for.

..and then the soft shell crab.

…followed by the carabineros…..

…and lastly, the branzino in salt crust prepared tableside….

…and the baklava for dessert…

Overall, service was good and the food was just as good as the other locations. The restaurant is set in a nice beautiful room. This would make a good spot for dates, business dinners, or any kind of celebrations.

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