Oddfish – Odd Indeed

When I want seafood in Vancouver, I rack my brain to come up with a truly outstanding place, and come up blank. Sure there are ok places to go for seafood, but none that are doing something that is memorable or outstanding. I have always found this odd. Vancouver is by the water, its a port city, we should have outstanding seafood restaurants. Compare this to a city like San Francisco, which is similar in setting, but with much better options for seafood. Odd.

However, after a recent dinner at Oddfish, I now have a place that will be top of mind when I am craving seafood. They have a paper menu, and then a blackboard with the day’s catches and creations – as any great seafood restaurant should. On the day we went, here was the menu and board:

We started with one of my favorite oysters, Kusshi. For whatever reasons, a lot of places that serve shaved horseradish with their oysters will have no flavor. This horseradish actually tasted like horseradish. The oysters were delicious.

Next, we had the coconut cured steelhead crudo. Extremely fresh and the hint of coconut was a nice touch without overpowering the fish.

This was followed by the roasted beets.

…and then the very delicious house cured salmon and toast. The salmon was very fresh and delicious, and the toast was perfectly grilled.

For our mains we had the sole, seabass, and thai curry mussels. We also ordered a size of “The best” hand cut fries.

The sole was incredibly delicious and well prepared. The seabass was also very good with a very nice presentation. The mussels were just OK. I thought that the curry broth could be improved and the serving bowl was too small that it made it difficult to access the broth. The fries were the only thing disappointing. They were not crispy.

For dessert, we had a pot de creme.

Overall, the service was good, and the food was memorable. I am so glad to have found a seafood restaurant in Vancouver that I would happily come back to.

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