Shin Ka Gyuu – AYCE Sukiyaki

Shin Ka Gyuu is a restaurant specializing in sukiyaki (basically, Japanese hot pot).

I am normally skeptical about all you can eat places, but I was intrigued by their Wagyu offerings. All you can eat wagyu? Sign me up! Here was the menu.

For the sahimi, you are limited to one order. Everything else is unlimited. The sashimi was fresh and well presented. We also tried their aburi nigiri which was also good.

Other appetizers we tried were tako wasabi, cucumber salad, tuna avocado salad, and chicken karaage. Everything was good and the portions were a good size. By this I mean small in a good way. It was good that they did not try to stuff us with filler so that we would eat less of the expensive items.

When it comes to the main part of the meal, you first choose your soup base and then the ingredients. We chose sukiyaki and karai. They will also provide you with dipping sauces which were delicious. We tried most of the meats and vegetables. Another nice thing is that non-alcoholic drinks and desserts are also included.


Sukiyaki – the flavor was good and not too sweet.

Karai – slightly spicy and was a nice contrast to the sukiyaki; being able to switch between the broths was nice so that we did not become “tired” of one.

Meat – all the meat was sliced thin, and was fresh. Was good on its own and dipped in the provided sauces.

Vegetables – all fresh and was nice with the broth

The service was very good. Once you order, dishes will come out fairly fast. This was a very fun experience, and considering the selection on offer, and quality, I believe it offers good value. I would definitely return.

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