Can you get an Incredible Burger in Vancouver?

Food tends to be better in its place of its origin. Croissants in France, Ceviche in Peru, and in this case, burgers in America. I have always found that burgers were just done better in the U.S. than Canada. I look forward to a burger in the States, from In-N-Out to Shake Shack to Minetta Tavern. The same cannot be said in Vancouver.

One reason is the health restrictions against medium rare burgers in Canada. It is forbidden. This makes the patty drier, not as juicy among other issues.

Anyway, here are two burgers I recently tried in Vancouver – one beef and one chicken, in the hunt for an incredible burger in Vancouver. The first was the Chimec Burger at Chimec Chicken. It is described as “a full fried chicken breast on a toasted brioche bun with creamy coleslaw, pickled and sweet onions, and mayo.

The chicken itself was cooked well and I enjoyed the crispness. The bun was good too. The main issue was the ratio of “patty” to bread was off. The breast is way too big and is too much meat per bite relative to the bread. I would try this burger again, but get it with a thigh next time and hopefully, that will solve the issue.

The second place I went to recently for a burger was Hundy. It is the same people that run Anna Lena, which I believe is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver. Hundy specializes in burgers. One thing I find strange about Hundy is that as a burger place, it should be open for lunch, not just dinner. In any event, I had a cheeseburger and fries.

The ratio of bun to patty was good, the bun was good, and the taste was pretty good. The patty had a nice crust and was well seasoned. The problem was with the moistness, due to the aforementioned ban on medium rare burgers in Canada.

Overall, both places made a decent product but not incredible to answer the question in the title of this post. If I wanted a beef or chicken burger, I would go back to these places, but try the chicken thigh instead of the breast at Chimec…and continue my search to find an incredible burger in Vancouver. Any suggestions? Comment down below.

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