Victor – Sunday Prime Rib – Best Deal in Town

Victor, which I think is one of the best steakhouses in Vancouver, offers a prime rib dinner every Sunday. I believe the value is incredible. Here is the menu:

For $37.50 per person ($150 for 4 people), you get cheese bread, Caesar salad, lobster bisque, prime rib with Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, horseradish, and jus. You also get dessert which was maple cotton candy and creme brulee donuts. Everything was delicious except for the dessert. Note that they also have a version for 2 people for $75. Victor also has incredible chu-toro nigiri (blue fin tuna) which we ordered to start.

The bisque flavors were well developed and I have always loved their cheese and onion bread. Incredibly soft and fluffy texture with melted cheese on top.

The prime rib itself was very tender, moist and cooked perfectly medium rare.

The masked potatoes were Robuchon-ish – not as much butter but similar in texture. The Yorkshire and jus were spot on.

The donuts lacked flavor.

Overall, the service at Victor is always good, the food was good, and the fact that it was of great value was a plus. I would happily return for Sunday Prime rib, or any day of the week for that matter.

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